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Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 

COVID-19’s Unprecedented Impact Alters U.S. Labor Market

A staggering 22.03 million initial claims for unemployment benefits were filed from mid-March to mid-April as the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing stay-at-home policies took hold across the country.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Demographics and the long-term outlook for housing investment

John Hill and D'Ann Petersen measure the importance of projected shifts in the size and age distribution of the U.S. population for domestic housing investment. Their analysis runs through the year 2010 and provides separate estimates for single-family and multifamily investment. ; Hill and Petersen find that the contractionary effects of the population slowdown are already being felt in the housing industry and probably have been since the latter part of the 1980s. In Hill and Petersen's simulations, demographic shifts lower net housing investment by 17 percent from the late 1980s through ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q I , Pages 17-25

Journal Article
Evaluating the Eleventh District's Beige Book

In this study, Nathan Balke and Mine Yucel ask whether the Eleventh Federal Reserve District's Beige Book description contains timely information about economic activity within the District. They examine whether the Beige Book description tracks current Texas real gross state product (GSP) growth and current Texas employment growth. They also study whether the Beige Book has information about growth not present in other regional indicators that would have been available to analysts at the time of the Beige Book's release. They find that both the Beige Book summary and the average across ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q IV , Pages 2-10

Working Paper
Monetary policy shocks and foreign investment income: evidence from a large Bayesian VAR

This paper assesses the transmission of monetary policy in a large Bayesian vector autoregression based on the approach proposed by Banbura, Giannone and Reichlin (2010). The paper analyzes the impact of monetary policy shocks in the United States and Canada not only on a range of domestic aggregates, trade flows, and exchange rates, but also foreign investment income. The analysis provides three main results. First, a surprise monetary policy action has a statistically and economically significant impact on both gross and net foreign investment income flows in both countries. Against the ...
Globalization Institute Working Papers , Paper 170

Journal Article
The big business of small loans

Micro-enterprise loan programs provide innovative lending solution
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue Jun , Pages 5 & 8

Journal Article
Is the pension system a liability?

Southwest Economy , Issue Sep , Pages 1, 7-12

Journal Article
Noteworthy: energy: new Texas LNG terminals put on hold

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 14

Journal Article
Spotlight: Wind and Solar Power: Perfect When Paired in Texas

As wind and solar power generation becomes more competitive economically relative to conventional coal and natural gas generation, states will likely increase their dependence on such renewable sources.
Southwest Economy , Issue Third Quarter , Pages 22-22

Journal Article
What's happening at the state and local level

e-Perspectives , Issue 2

Journal Article
President's perspective

An upturn in our nation?s housing market is especially welcome amid the tepid economic recovery.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q3 , Pages 2




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