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Discussion Paper
Was the 2021-22 Rise in Inflation Equitable?

In our previous post, we discussed how the labor market recovery—the “maximum employment” half of the Federal Reserve System’s dual mandate—featured not only a return of overall employment rates to pre-pandemic levels, but also a narrowing of racial and ethnic gaps in employment rates. In this post, we take up the second half of the dual mandate—price stability—and discuss heterogeneity in inflation rates faced by different demographic groups during the rise in inflation in2021-22. We find that, in contrast to inequalities in employment rates, disparities in inflation rates have ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20220630b

What Does the Beveridge Curve Tell Us about the Labor Market Recovery?

Examining the relationship between the jobless rate and the job vacancy rate reveals recent changes in the job matching process between U.S. employers and workers.
On the Economy

Is the Labor Market as Tight as It Seems?

Accounting for employed workers who left for new jobs suggests that the labor market is not as tight as the conventional measure would imply.
On the Economy

Journal Article
The Allocation of Immigrant Talent in the United States

Immigrants account for close to 20% of the U.S. labor force, but they often do not have an easy time navigating U.S. labor markets.
Economic Synopses , Issue 23 , Pages 1-3

The Allocation of Immigrant Talent across Countries: Employment Gaps

A cross-country analysis found immigrants were more likely than natives to work in fields like food service and less likely to be in fields like engineering.
On the Economy


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