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Working Paper
Thinking Outside the Box: Do SPF Respondents Have Anchored Inflation Expectations?

Despite the stability of the median 10-year inflation expectations in the Survey of Professional Forecasters (SPF) near 2 percent, we show that not a single SPF respondent?s expectations have been anchored at the target since the Federal Open Market Committee?s (FOMC) enactment of an inflation target in January 2012, or even since 2015. However, we find significant evidence for ?delayed anchoring,? or a move toward being anchored, particularly after the federal funds rate lifted off in December 2015.
Working Papers , Paper 19-15

Working Paper
On Monetary Policy, Model Uncertainty, and Credibility

This paper studies the design of optimal time-consistent monetary policy in an economy where the planner and a representative household are faced with model uncertainty: While they are able to construct and agree on a reference model (probability distribution) governing the evolution of the exogenous state of the economy, a representative household has fragile beliefs and is averse to model uncertainty. In such environments, management of households' expectations becomes an active channel of optimal policymaking per se. A central banker who respects the fact that private sector models are ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2022-082

Working Paper
Assessing Central Bank Commitment to Inflation Targeting: Evidence from Financial Market Expectations in India

We propose a novel framework to gauge the credibility of central banks’ commitment to an inflation-targeting regime. Our framework combines survey data on macroeconomic forecasts with high-frequency financial market data to understand how inflation targeting makes economic agents change their perception about central bank decisions. Specifically, using the Reserve Bank of India’s adoption of inflation targeting in 2015 as a laboratory, we apply two different approaches to estimate a market-perceived monetary policy rule and analyze how it changed with the implementation of inflation ...
Working Papers , Paper 22-19


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