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Journal Article
Financing rural innovation with community development venture capital: models, options and obstacles

Growing local companies is essential to the economic prosperity for many rural regions and residents. Rural economies, however, rarely attract traditional venture capital. Given the important role that patient capital plays in entrepreneurial development, the future economic vitality of rural communities rests, at least in part, on their ability to access such capital. Community development venture capital (CDVC) is a particularly adept model for overcoming the structural obstacles that rural geographies present for venture capital investors. Rubin explores some of the obstacles this model ...
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 3 , Pages 15-27

Conference Paper
Banks in venture capital: a research agenda

Proceedings , Paper 832

Journal Article
Nurturing the light bulb economy: the new-found profile of entrepreneurs and venture capital has states eager to get more of both

Fedgazette , Volume 13 , Issue Jul , Pages 1

Journal Article
That thing venture capitalist do

Although many people know the term venture capital, not many people know precisely what role venture capitalists play in the economy. How do they identify entrepreneurs with promising new ideas? What kinds of services do they provide to these entrepreneurs? Mitchell Berlin answers these and other questions as he describes "that thing venture capitalists do."
Business Review , Issue Jan , Pages 15-26

Vesting and control in venture capital contracts

Vesting of equity payments to an entrepreneur, which is a form of time-contingent compensation, is very common in venture capital contracts. Empirical research suggests that vesting is used to help overcome asymmetric information and agency problems. We show in a theoretical model that vesting equity to an entrepreneur over a long period of time acts as a screening device against a bad entrepreneur type. But incomplete contracts due to hold-up by the venture capitalist imply that equity compensation, in the form of either short-term or long-term vesting, cannot provide standard contractible ...
Staff Reports , Paper 297

Journal Article
Boom and bust in the venture capital industry and the impact on innovation

After more than two decades of dramatic growth in the venture capital industry, the recent sharp decline in venture capital activity has raised concerns about the implications for technological innovation. This article argues that venture capital may have a powerful impact on innovation, but this effect is far from uniform. ; The author uses a supply and demand framework to consider the cyclical nature of the venture industry and explore why shifts in opportunities often do not rapidly translate into increased fund-raising. The discussion shows how the structure of venture funds and the ...
Economic Review , Volume 87 , Issue Q4 , Pages 25-39

Journal Article
Banking and venture capital

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Preface--Venture capital and technology: What's next?

During the 1990s venture capitalists transformed entrepreneurs into corporate entities, and these companies in turn have funded increased productivity that has helped to accelerate U.S. economic growth. This success has spawned an interest in tracking information about the industry. These new resources provide an important perspective for understanding how venture capital works.
Economic Review , Volume 87 , Issue Q4 , Pages v-vi

Journal Article
Venture capital investment: Emerging force in the Southeast

Venture capital investment throughout the United States and in the Southeast in particular has grown dramatically in recent years. Pensions funds, bank holding companies, insurance companies, investment banks, and nonfinancial institutions all invest venture capital in pursuit of high returns and as a means of diversifying investment risks. However, returns from such investment have been mixed over the industry's relatively short history. As more and more large institutional investors pour increasing amounts of assets into venture capital and as state and local governments seek to attract ...
Economic Review , Volume 83 , Issue Q 4 , Pages 36-47



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