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Journal Article
Small business: The big picture of small business owners

Cross Sections , Volume 11 , Issue Win , Pages 26

Working Paper
Navigating uncertainty and growing jobs: considering small employer firm resilience during challenging economic times

How have certain small employer firms demonstrated resiliency despite ongoing economic uncertainty? This study considers the organizational capabilities of small employer firms operating in low- and moderate-income (LMI) census tract areas. Based on the limited evidence gathered in this mixed-methods study, the authors propose that resiliency, defined in this study as a company?s ability to act effectively in response to uncertain economic conditions such that the firm maintains or expands its workforce, depends strongly on five organizational capabilities. These are: (1) the effective use of ...
Community Development Working Paper , Paper 2012-06

Journal Article
Credit scoring in small business lending: bane or blessing?

Financial Update , Volume 12 , Issue Apr , Pages 1-3

Working Paper
Does distance matter in banking?

Deregulation and technological change have reduced the transactions costs that led to the dominance of local financial service suppliers, leading some to question if distance still matters in banking. This debate has been particularly acute in small business banking, where transactions costs are believed to be particularly high. This paper provides a detailed review of the literature on distance in banking markets, highlighting the reasons why geographic proximity is believed to be important and examining the changes that may have affected its importance. Relying on new data from the 2003 ...
Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 2008-34

Journal Article
Member bank lending to small business 1955-57

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Apr

Journal Article
Small business finance in two Chicago minority neighborhoods

The authors use survey data to measure the use of formal and informal sources of financing by owners of small businesses in two ethnic neighborhoods. The authors find substantial differences across ethnic groups in the amount of start-up funding obtained and in the use of trade credit.
Economic Perspectives , Volume 23 , Issue Q II , Pages 46-62

Journal Article
Mapping the recovery: sentiment survey of small Business intermediaries in Chicago

The Community Development and Policy Studies (CDPS) division of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago distributed a poll to small business intermediaries in the fourth quarter of 2012 to ask about their perceptions of small business conditions in their neighborhoods. The purpose of this poll was to get a better understanding of the small business climate in diverse neighborhoods of the city of Chicago. It was designed to capture perspectives at the neighborhood level, perspectives that are not observable in aggregated data. The results show an array of opinions about the small business climate ...
Profitwise , Issue Aug

Journal Article
What's the point of credit scoring?

Credit scoring is already widely used for consumer lending and is becoming more commonly used in mortgage lending. Now, small business lending is getting into the scoring act. What does this mean for the commercial loan industry? And will it benefit small businesses? In this article, Loretta Mester explains the basics of credit scoring, discusses some of the models used, and looks at some of the implications of the wider use of credit scoring.
Business Review , Issue Sep , Pages 3-16

Conference Paper
Small business finance in rural and urban regions

Proceedings – Rural and Agricultural Conferences , Issue Aug , Pages 165-185

Journal Article
Plans for a survey on the uses of financial services by small businesses

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Oct



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