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Working Paper
Bridging the gap? Government subsidized lending and access to capital

The consequences of providing public funds to financial institutions remain controversial. We examine the Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Fund?s impact on credit union activity, using hitherto little studied U.S. Treasury data. The CDFI Fund grants increase lending at credit unions by 3%. For every dollar awarded, 45 additional cents are loaned out to borrowers in the first year, and up to an additional $1.60 is loaned out within three years. Delinquent loan rates also increase slightly. Our panel results are supported by a broadband regression discontinuity analysis. ...
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 1229

Conference Paper
A bank regulator's view of retail lending

Proceedings , Paper 988

Working Paper
Shifting ground: Can community development loan funds continue to serve the neediest borrowers?

Community development financial institutions (CDFIs) are designed to improve economic conditions for low-income individuals and communities by providing a range of financial products and services that often are not available from mainstream lenders and financiers. ; Part I of this paper reviews CDLF origins, structures, and current activities. Part II discusses the field?s historic sources of subsidized capital and why they have shrunk. Part III reviews potential new sources of capital and the organizational ways that CDLFs are responding to their changed environment. The paper concludes with ...
Community Development Working Paper , Paper 2009-01

Journal Article
A time series analysis of business loans at large commercial banks

An abstract for this article is not available.
Economic Review , Volume 61 , Issue May , Pages 8-14

Conference Paper
Lending relationships and loan contract terms: does size matter?

Proceedings , Paper 1049

Conference Paper
Rules, discretion, and loan rates

Proceedings , Paper 1048

Journal Article
Bridging the information gap between capital markets investors and CDFIs

Proceedings of the Conference on the Secondary Market for Community Development Loans The problem of efficiently matching buyer and seller is both ancient and ubiquitous. It is, of course, the source of the concepts of brokerage and intermediation. The situation in which sellers are small, traditional and local and buyers large, sophisticated, and national or, indeed, global, is an especially difficult one to get right?especially from the perspective of the sellers. But it is also the situation in which modern technology may be most useful. This ancient dilemma resembles the problem of ...
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 2 , Pages 36-39

Conference Paper
The effect of bank mergers on loan prices: evidence from the U.S.

Proceedings , Paper 994

Conference Paper
Legal risk as a determinant of syndicate structure in the project finance loan market

This paper examines how legal risk, defined as the strength of creditor rights and legal enforcement, affects debt ownership concentration in the project finance loan market. Using a sample of 495 project finance loan tranches from 61 countries, worth $151 billion, we document high levels of debt ownership concentration: the largest single bank holds 20.3% while the top five banks collectively hold 61.2% of a typical project finance loan tranche. We also show that weak creditor rights and poor legal enforcement are associated with more diffuse ownership structures, which leads us to conclude ...
Proceedings , Paper 831

Conference Paper
Loan loss provisioning and economic slowdowns: too much too late?

Only recently the debate on bank capital regulation has devoted specific attention to the role that bank loan loss provisions can play as a part of the overall minimum capital regulatory framework. Several national regulators have adopted or are planning to introduce a cyclically adjustable requirement for loan loss provisions and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is considering how to address provisioning practices within a broad bank capital regulatory framework. This paper contributes to the ongoing debate by exploring the available evidence about bank loan loss provisioning ...
Conference Series ; [Proceedings]



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