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Journal Article
Millennials, baby boomers, and rebounding multifamily home construction

Jordan Rappaport analyzes the forces driving the recent rebound in multifamily construction.
Economic Review , Issue Q II , Pages 37-55

Journal Article
Understanding national and regional housing trends

Business Review , Issue Sep , Pages 15-23

Journal Article
A proposal: using the CRA to fight vacancy and abandonment

In 2009, banks became the reluctant holders of more than 1,500 foreclosed properties in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Most of these houses are in Cleveland, worth little to nothing, and in danger of remaining vacant for the foreseeable future - destined to define neighborhood decay.
Forefront , Issue Spring , Pages 6-9

Working Paper
Capital gains taxation and the demand for owner-occupied housing

Working Paper Series / Economic Activity Section , Paper 92

Conference Paper
Patterns and determinants of metropolitan house prices, 1977 to 1991

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 36 , Pages 18-56

Discussion Paper
How Severe Was the Credit Cycle in the New York-Northern New Jersey Region?

U.S. households accumulated record-high levels of debt in the 2000s, and then began a process of deleveraging following the Great Recession and financial crisis. In some parts of the country, the rise and fall in household indebtedness was quite a bit sharper than in others. In this post, we highlight some of our research examining the magnitude of the recent credit cycle, and focus on how significant it?s been in New York State and northern New Jersey. Compared with the nation as a whole, we find that the region experienced a relatively mild credit cycle, although pockets of elevated ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20130116

Journal Article
The Low- and Moderate-income Conditions Survey: A Summary of Seventh Fed District Community Development Practitioner Responses

For the first time, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago participated in administering the Kansas City Fed?s low- and moderate-income survey to respondents in the Seventh District. The survey is administered on line twice a year to measure ?economic conditions of low- and moderate-income (LMI) populations and the organizations that serve them.?1 A key motivation for the survey is that compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) entails banking institutions subject to CRA to provide credit, investment, and services, consistent with safe and sound banking practices, to LMI populations ...
Profitwise , Issue 1 , Pages 4-9

Journal Article
President's message : A new approach to federal housing policy

Econ Focus , Volume 14 , Issue 3Q , Pages 1

Working Paper
Gross Migration, Housing and Urban Population Dynamics

Cities experience significant, near random walk productivity shocks, yet population is slow to adjust. In practise local population changes are dominated by variation in net migration, and we argue that understanding gross migration is essential to quantify how net migration may slow population adjustments. Housing is also a natural candidate for slowing population adjustments because it is difficult to move, costly to build quickly, and a large durable stock makes a city attractive to potential migrants. We quantify the influence of migration and housing on urban population dynamics using a ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-2013-19

Working Paper
Introduction to price and productivity measurement for housing

This paper provides a brief introduction to a proposed new opportunity cost treatment of owner-occupied housing in measures of inflation for the United States. In addition, the paper introduces, and provides links to, a collection of nine other papers that discuss various aspects of the treatment of owner-occupied housing in measures of inflation for a number of nations, including Canada, Germany, Iceland, and the United States.
Working Papers , Paper 09-5



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