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Journal Article
Food, fuel and families

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Outlook for food and agriculture - 1980

Review , Volume 61 , Issue Dec

Menu costs at work: restaurant prices and the introduction of the euro

Restaurant prices in the euro area saw an unprecedented increase after the introduction of the euro. We use an extension of commonly used models of sticky prices and argue that the increase in restaurant prices can be explained by menu costs. The extension we use involves the state-dependent decision of firms about when to adopt the euro. Two main mechanisms drive the result. First, our model concentrates otherwise staggered price increases around the introduction of the euro. Second, before the adoption of the euro, prices do not reflect marginal cost increases expected to occur after the ...
Staff Reports , Paper 195

Journal Article
Feeding high prices: a number of factors are driving food price inflation

TEN , Issue Sum , Pages 12-17

Food or commodity price shocks and inflation: a central banker's perspective

A speech presented at "Food and Water - Basic Challenges to International Stability," 2009 Global Conference Series (Part 4), (Global Interdependence Center (GIC) in partnership with the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Singapore, November 19, 2009
Speech , Paper 30

Journal Article
Inflation measurement gives us food for thought

Global food prices are soaring. Since February 2009, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization world food price index has risen roughly 67 percent, surpassing the previous peak in June 2008 (Chart 1). The last food price surge, from early 2007 to mid-2008, prompted riots in many countries; the latest rise has also fueled riots and may have been a factor in political unrest sweeping through North Africa and the Middle East.
Economic Letter , Volume 6 , Issue 4

Journal Article
Noteworthy: agriculture: Texas rice acreage grows with prices

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 14

Journal Article
Why do food prices increase?

Review , Volume 65 , Issue Apr , Pages 5-12

Food inflation and the consumption patterns of U.S. households

In July 2008, food prices were 6.0% above their July 2007 level. This article examines how different household types have been affected by the recent rapid rise in food prices.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Grain exports and inflation

Review , Volume 57 , Issue Sep , Pages 2-4


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