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Keywords:Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 

Journal Article
Between a rock and a hard place: the CRA-safety and soundness pinch

A statistical model of regulatory exam ratings provides evidence of conflict between Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) objectives, on one side, and safety and soundness standards, on the other. In his analysis of supervisory goals, Jeff Gunther finds that concentrating bank assets in loans and managing capital at relatively low levels tend to help CRA ratings while hurting CAMEL ratings. Also, banks with financial problems are more likely to receive substandard CRA ratings, even though a shift in resources away from CRA objectives may be necessary to facilitate financial recovery. These ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q II , Pages 32-41

Journal Article
Performance & profitability of CRA-related lending

Three Federal Reserve Board economists overview their study on a much-questioned but little-researched topic. Commentary on the study is also included with this article.
Communities and Banking , Issue Spr , Pages 18-21

Conference Paper
The relative profitability of commercial banks active in lending in lower-income borrowers

Proceedings , Paper 522

Journal Article
A market-based approach to CRA

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Banking agencies issue final CRA rules

Financial Update , Volume 18 , Issue Q 4

CRA lending during the subprime meltdown


Working Paper
Did affordable housing legislation contribute to the subprime securities boom?

No. In this paper we use a regression discontinuity approach to investigate whether affordable housing policies influenced origination or affected prices of subprime mortgages. We use merged loan-level data on non-prime securitized mortgages with individual- and neighborhood-level data for California and Florida. We find no evidence that lenders increased subprime originations or altered pricing around the discrete eligibility cutoffs for the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) affordable housing goals or the Community Reinvestment Act. Our results indicate that the extensive purchases of ...
Working Papers , Paper 2012-005

Conference Paper
The conference on business access to capital and credit: an overview

Proceedings , Paper 753

Journal Article
CRA special lending programs

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977 encourages federally insured banking institutions to help meet the credit needs of their communities, including those of lower-income areas, in a manner consistent with their safe and sound operation. In responding to the CRA, many banking institutions have sought to expand lending to lower-income populations through special lending programs that seek out and assist such borrowers in a variety of ways. These programs, many of which include third parties such as government agencies and nonprofit groups, are often an important element of an ...
Federal Reserve Bulletin , Volume 86 , Issue Nov , Pages 711-731



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