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Journal Article
Canada sustains its close economic relationship with the United States

Economics Update , Issue Apr , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
Bank failures, financial restrictions, and aggregate fluctuations: Canada and the United States, 1870-1913

During 1870_1913, Canada had a well-diversified branch banking system while banks in the U.S. unit-banking system were less diversified. Canadian banks could issue large-denomination notes with no restrictions on their backing, while all U.S. currency was essentially an obligation of the U.S. government. Also, experience in the two countries with regard to bank failures and panics was quite different. A general equilibrium business cycle model with endogenous financial intermediation is constructed that captures these historical Canadian and American monetary and banking arrangements as ...
Quarterly Review , Volume 13 , Issue Sum , Pages 20-40

Journal Article
The changing pattern of U.S. trade: 1975-1985

Economic Review , Issue Oct , Pages 36-42

Journal Article
Northwest timber dilemma

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
The credibility of inflation targets

FRBSF Economic Letter

Conference Paper
Monetary aggregates and monetary aggregates in the twenty-first century

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 45 , Issue Oct , Pages 13-24

Alternative approaches to meeting economic and environmental challenges

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Nov

Journal Article
Canadian targets

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
Has globalization created a borderless world?

Globalization. The word often conjures up an image of a worldwide society--no boundaries, no borders, no barriers. Economically speaking, in a truly borderless world, financial capital, production activities, and labor would flow as easily between countries as they do within a country. But is this picture of an economic "global village" accurate? Not quite, according to Janet Ceglowski. In this article, she explains why, despite the expansion of international economic activity in recent years, we haven't yet achieved a barrier-free world
Business Review , Issue Mar , Pages 17-27

Journal Article
At stake in the U.S.-Canada free trade agreement: modest gains or a significant setback

New England Economic Review , Issue May , Pages 3-20



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