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Keywords:Bank holding companies 

Journal Article
Wealth effect of geographical deregulation: the case of Illinois

Economic Perspectives , Volume 10 , Issue Mar , Pages 13-17

Conference Paper
Alternative methods of corporate control in commercial banks

Proceedings , Paper 45

Working Paper
Target's corporate governance and bank merger payoffs

Commercial bank merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions are especially informative for analyzing the impact of differing corporate governance structures on the balance of corporate control between managers and shareholders. We exploit these special characteristics to investigate the balance of control between top-tier managers and shareholders using data from bank M&A transactions over the period 1990-2004. Unlike research on non-financial firms, the impacts of independent directors, managerial share ownership, and independent blockholders on bank merger purchase premiums in this ...
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 07-13

Journal Article
States take the lead

FRBSF Economic Letter

Working Paper
The exchange rate exposure of U.S. and Japanese banking institutions

In this paper, we examine the foreign exchange exposure of a sample of U.S. and Japanese banking firms. Using daily data, we construct estimates of the exchange rate sensitivity of the equity returns of the U.S. bank holding companies and compare them to those of a sample of Japanese banks. We find that the stock returns of a significant fraction of the U.S. companies move with the exchange rate, while few of the Japanese returns that we observe do so. We next examine more closely the sensitivity of the U.S. firms by linking the U.S. estimates cross-sectionally to accounting-based ...
Pacific Basin Working Paper Series , Paper 95-11

Journal Article
Proposals affecting real estate investment and development activities in a holding company framework

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Jan , Pages 38-39

Journal Article
Amendment June 12, 1987

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Aug , Pages 656, 659-660

Working Paper
Merger-related cost savings in the production of bank services

This paper utilizes a new flow measure of the true output of bank services to analyze the impact of mergers on the cost and productivity of Bank Holding Companies (BHCs) over the period 1987-1999. It shows that there are conceptual problems in the output measures used in previous studies, which may be the reason for their paradoxical findings: Bank mergers are estimated to lead to significant increases in profit, without cost savings or increases in market power. This paper also points out the problematic understanding of diversification in previous studies. To remedy these problems, this ...
Working Papers , Paper 03-8

Conference Paper
The effect of new capital issues on the prices of holding company shares

Proceedings , Paper 179

Journal Article
Is corporate governance different for bank holding companies?

The authors analyze a range of corporate governance variables as they pertain to a sample of bank holding companies (BHCs) and manufacturing firms. They find that BHCs have larger boards and that the percentage of outside directors on these boards is significantly higher; also, BHC boards have more committees and meet slightly more frequently. Conversely, the proportion of CEO stock option pay to salary plus bonuses as well as the percentage and market value of direct equity holdings are smaller for bank holding companies. Furthermore, fewer institutions hold shares of BHCs relative to shares ...
Economic Policy Review , Volume 9 , Issue Apr , Pages 123-142



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