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Journal Article
The dollar's effective exchange rate: assessing the impact of alternative weighting schemes

Review , Issue Feb , Pages 5-14

Journal Article
Monetary policy as equilibrium selection

Can monetary policy guide expectations toward desirable outcomes when equilibrium and welfare are sensitive to alternative, commonly held rational beliefs? This paper studies this question in an exchange economy with endogenous debt limits in which dynamic complementarities between dated debt limits support two Pareto-ranked steady states: a suboptimal, locally stable autarkic state and a constrained optimal, locally unstable trading state. The authors identify feedback policies that reverse the stability properties of the two steady states and ensure rapid convergence to the constrained ...
Review , Volume 89 , Issue Jul , Pages 331-342

Journal Article
Monetary policy and financial market expectations: what did they know and when did they know it?

Interest rates sometimes seem to respond to Federal Reserve policy actions in unexpected ways--for example, falling when the Fed " tightens" monetary policy or rising when the Fed "eases" policy. In this article, Michael R. Pakko and David C. Wheelock attempt to demystify such responses. They show how trading in the federal funds futures market reveals public expectations of Federal Reserve actions, and how our knowledge of these expectations can help us interpret the behavior of interest rates.
Review , Volume 78 , Issue Jul , Pages 19-32

Journal Article
Solving the 1980s' velocity puzzle: a progress report

Review , Issue Aug , Pages 5-23

Journal Article
Food production and prices - perspective and outlook

Review , Volume 58 , Issue Jan , Pages 15-18

Journal Article
Income and expenses of Eighth District member banks - 1971

Review , Volume 54 , Issue Jul , Pages 6-10

Journal Article
Search-theoretic models of international currency - commentary

Review , Volume 78 , Issue May , Pages 136-138

Journal Article
Will capital reflows induce domestic interest rate changes?

Review , Volume 54 , Issue Jul , Pages 2-5

Journal Article
Global Value Chains and U.S. Economic Activity During COVID-19

We investigate the role of global value chains in the declines of manufacturing employment and output in the U.S. during COVID-19. Specifically, we identify the role of global value chains by exploiting heterogeneity across industries in cross-country sourcing patterns and its interaction with exogenous cross-country variation in the containment policies introduced to combat the virus. We find that global value chains played a significant role in the decline of output and employment across U.S. manufactures. Moreover, we find a modest impact of diversifying or renationalizing global value ...
Review , Volume 103 , Issue 3 , Pages 271-288




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