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Journal Article
Commentary on \\"Federal credit and insurance programs: housing\\"

Review , Volume 88 , Issue Jul , Pages 311-322

Journal Article
How Have Shanghai, Saudi Arabia, and Supply Chains Affected U.S. Inflation Dynamics?

Understanding and forecasting inflation has always been a key focus of macroeconomics and monetary policymaking. Historically, many macroeconomists and central banks have relied on the ?Phillips curve? framework for this purpose. Recently, however, the Phillips curve framework has not been performing well. This article examines a number of possible explanations for the breakdown of the ?Phillips curve? relationship between slack and inflation. These explanations include the possibility that the curve may have flattened or shifted, that standard measures may not be capturing key aspects of the ...
Review , Volume 101 , Issue 1 , Pages 27-44

Journal Article
An Empirical Economic Assessment of the Costs and Benefits of Bank Capital in the United States

We evaluate the economic costs and benefits of bank capital in the United States. The analysis is similar to that found in previous studies, though we tailor it to the specific features and experience of the U.S. financial system. We also make adjustments to account for the impact of liquidity- and resolution-related regulations on the probability of a financial crisis. We find that the level of capital that maximizes the difference between total benefits and total costs ranges from just over 13 percent to 26 percent. This range reflects a high degree of uncertainty and latitude in specifying ...
Review , Volume 101 , Issue 3

Journal Article
Homer Jones: \\"Propensity, capacity, and opportunity\\"

Editor's Comment and Related Material on Homer Jones: "Propensity, capacity, and opportunity"
Review , Issue Nov , Pages 1-5

Journal Article
Understanding Lowflation

Central banks are viewed as having a demonstrated ability to lower long-run inflation. Since the Financial Crisis, however, the central banks in some jurisdictions seem almost powerless to accomplish the opposite. In this article, we offer an explanation for why this may be the case. Because central banks have limited instruments, long-run inflation is ultimately determined by fiscal policy. Central bank control of long-run inflation therefore ultimately hinges on its ability to gain fiscal compliance with its objectives. This ability is shown to be inherently easier for a central bank ...
Review , Volume 101 , Issue 1 , Pages 1-26

Journal Article
Monetary economic research at the St. Louis Fed during Ted Balbach's tenure as research director

Ted Balbach served as research director at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis from 1975 to 1992. This paper lauds his contributions during that time, including the expanded influence of the Review, enhanced databases and data publications, and a visiting scholar program that attracted leading economists from around the world. Balbach is remembered fondly as a visionary leader and gracious mentor.
Review , Volume 90 , Issue Sep , Pages 499-504

Journal Article
The practice of central bank intervention: looking under the hood

This article first reviews methods of foreign exchange intervention and then presents evidence?focusing on survey results?on the mechanics of such intervention. Types of intervention, instruments, timing, amounts, motivation, secrecy, and perceptions of efficacy are discussed.
Review , Volume 83 , Issue May , Pages 1-10

Journal Article
Work motivation, commentary

Review , Issue May , Pages 51-54

Journal Article
Monetary policy and the price rule: the newest odd couple

Review , Volume 65 , Issue Feb , Pages 5-13

Journal Article
What do we know about how monetary policy affects the economy: a conference panel discussion

Review , Issue May , Pages 127-141




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