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Series:Economic Commentary 

Journal Article
Long-term health care: is social insurance desirable?

A look at why the private insurance market has failed to cover long-term care risks adequately, and an evaluation of several proposals for funding such care through social insurance.
Economic Commentary , Issue Dec

Journal Article
The CPI–PCEPI Inflation Differential: Causes and Prospects

The Federal Open Market Committee’s inflation target is stated in terms of the personal consumption expenditures price index (PCEPI). The PCEPI, like the consumer price index (CPI), measures inflation in the expenditures of households, but these indexes differ in purpose, scope, and construction. Notably, since the CPI is used as the reference rate for numerous financial contracts, one can derive implied longer-run CPI inflation forecasts from financial contracts. Such forecasts are widely reported. But if policymakers are to use these forecasts to guide their pursuit of the inflation ...
Economic Commentary , Volume 2020 , Issue 06 , Pages 8

Journal Article
Consumers and COVID-19: Survey Results on Mask-Wearing Behaviors and Beliefs

Masks or cloth face coverings have the potential to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 without greatly disrupting economic activity if they are widely used. To assess the state of mask wearing, we surveyed US consumers about their recent and prospective mask-wearing behavior. We find that most respondents are wearing masks in public but that some respondents are less likely to follow social-distancing guidelines while doing so, indicating a potential tradeoff between two of the recommended methods that jointly reduce coronavirus transmission. While most respondents indicated that they were ...
Economic Commentary , Volume 2020 , Issue 20 , Pages 7

Journal Article
Making Sense of Eviction Trends during the Pandemic

Eviction filings have largely returned to their prepandemic levels in 2022 after a long period of being below trend. In this Economic Commentary, I describe the trends in eviction filings collected so far during the pandemic and pandemic-era policies aimed at mitigating the damage of the pandemic on housing stability. I show that restrictions on evictions, common early in the pandemic, are associated with lower levels of eviction filings; that recent rent-price growth is associated with higher levels of eviction filings; and that the timing of eviction trends varies in response to the federal ...
Economic Commentary , Volume 2022 , Issue 12 , Pages 8

Journal Article
Methods of cash management

A description of cash management methods, covering collection, disbursement, and investment techniques. Topics include lock boxes, wire transfers, depository transfer checks, controlled disbursement, zero balancing, money-market instruments, and sweeping arrangements.
Economic Commentary , Issue Apr

Journal Article
Assessing progress toward price stability: looking forward and looking backward

An examination of how to assess the inflationary effects of current monetary policy, reviewing the behavior of a selected measure of core inflation over the past decade and contrasting this pattern with the inflation expectations of both households and professional forecasters, concluding that such expectations are formed rationally.
Economic Commentary , Issue May

Journal Article
Deposit rates and local markets

An analysis of the effects of local market structure on deposit rates, using a sample of depository institutions in Ohio.
Economic Commentary , Issue Feb

Journal Article
International developments and monetary policy

A discussion of the problems associated with redressing global trade imbalances and why a monetary policy committed to international price stability is necessary in order to reform our international accounts and foster a healthy economic environment.
Economic Commentary , Issue Apr

Journal Article
Stock-market gyrations and investment

An analysis of the relationship between stock-market gyrations and business fixed investment, using the q theory (the ratio of the market value of financial liabilities to the replacement value of physical assets).
Economic Commentary , Issue Dec , Pages 1-4

Journal Article
Can foreign exchange intervention signal monetary policy changes?

An examination of the ability of foreign exchange intervention to signal upcoming changes in monetary policy, showing that for such a signaling mechanism to make sense, the link between intervention and monetary policy should be clear, the implied policy should be credible, and information about intervention should be communicated accurately to market participants.
Economic Commentary , Issue May




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