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Author:Puri, Manju 

Conference Paper
Banks in venture capital: a research agenda

Proceedings , Paper 832

Conference Paper
Understanding bank runs: the importance of depositor-bank relationships and networks

Proceedings , Paper 1095

Conference Paper
Tying knots: lending to win equity underwriting business

This article examines the practice of ?tying,? which occurs when an underwriter lends to an issuer around the time of a public securities offering. We examine whether there are efficiencies from tying lending and underwriting which lead to benefits for issuers and underwriters. We find evidence consistent with tying occurring for issues when there are informational economies of scope from combining lending and underwriting. Firms benefit from tying through lower financing costs, as tied issuers receive lower underwriter fees on seasoned equity offerings and discounted loan yield spreads. ...
Proceedings , Paper 944

Journal Article
On the fundamental role of venture capital

The venture capital industry experienced its biggest decline ever in 2001. The National Venture Capital Association reports that, in the fourth quarter of 2001, investments by venture capital firms were at approximately a third of the level the year before and the amount of money raised by these firms had dropped 80 percent. Many people question whether this trend signals the eventual demise of venture capital. ; However, according to the authors of this article, it is important to put these numbers in perspective. In terms of total dollars invested, 2001 ranks as the venture capital ...
Economic Review , Volume 87 , Issue Q4 , Pages 19-23

Conference Paper
The dynamics of debtor-in-possession financing: bankruptcy resolution and the role of prior lenders

Proceedings , Paper 697

Conference Paper
On sales, loan contracting, and lending relationships

Proceedings , Paper 1037

Conference Paper
Bank underwriting of debt securities: modern evidence

Proceedings , Paper 481



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