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Author:Li, Li 

Journal Article
Rent or buy?

The residential real estate market showed additional signs of improvement in 2012, though the recovery has been quite different for single-family compared with multifamily markets.
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Journal Article
Quantitative easing in Japan: past and present

Inflation expectations in Japan have recently risen above their historical average.
Economic Synopses , Issue 1

Working Paper
International trade, female labor, and entrepreneurship in MENA countries

Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries stand out in international comparisons of de jure obstacles to female employment and entrepreneurship. These obstacles are mirrored in low female labor rate participation and low entrepreneurship and ownership rates. Recent research suggests a connection between international trade and female labor participation. In this article, the authors focus on the relationship between international trade and gender in the MENA countries first analyzing female labor as a production factor, and then focusing on female entrepreneurship and firm ownership. ...
Working Papers , Paper 2012-053

Journal Article
Multifamily rental housing is growing: “yesterday’s buyer is today’s tenant”

The Regional Economist , Issue Jan

Journal Article
A report on economic conditions in the Louisville zone

Burgundy Books , Issue 2Q

Higher gasoline prices: temporary or time to buy a hybrid?

Drivers may wonder whether the most recent spike in gasoline prices is temporary or will be longer lasting. Will prices eventually decline?maybe even to below $3 per gallon? Or is it time for drivers to alter their driving habits, maybe by buying a hybrid car? Be sure to read the September 2012 issue of Page One Economics Newsletter ??Higher Gasoline Prices: Temporary or Time to Buy a Hybrid???for a discussion of factors that might influence that decision.
Page One Economics Newsletter

Journal Article
Current risks from exports and foreign sales

Consistent with national data, foreign sales of affiliates of U.S. multinational firms headquartered in the Eight Federal Reserve District are larger for Europe and the Asia Pacific region?not Mexico and Canada, the major U.S. trading partners.
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Journal Article
Bank vs. bond financing over the business cycle

While bank lending contracts during the typical recession, liquidity in bond markets may not.
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Journal Article
Translating Kurzarbeit

With more research and given the limits of conventional fiscal and monetary policies in addressing the consequences of jobless recoveries, a U.S. version of Kurzarbeit may provide another option in the policymaker?s toolkit.
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Journal Article
Forward guidance 101B: a roadmap of the international experience

The Federal Reserve is just one of several central banks that have adopted forward guidance since the beginning of the financial crisis and in an environment of near-zero policy rates (zero lower bound).
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