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Conference Paper
Interest rate operating procedures of foreign central banks

Proceedings , Paper 1, pt. 1

Conference Paper
Monetary policy implications of greater fiscal discipline

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Working Paper
Foreign reserve and money dynamics with asset portfolio adjustment: international evidence

Pacific Basin Working Paper Series , Paper 94-09

Working Paper
The role of real wages, productivity and fiscal policy in Germany's Great Depression 1928-1937

We study the behavior of output, employment, consumption, and investment in Germany during the Great Depression of 1928-37. In this time period, real wages were countercyclical, and productivity and fiscal policy were procyclical. We use the neoclassical growth model to investigate how much these factors contribute to the Depression. We find that real wages, which were significantly above their market clearing levels, were the most important factor for the economic decline in the Depression. Changes in productivity and fiscal policy were also important for the decline and recovery. Even ...
Working Paper Series , Paper WP-01-07

Working Paper
Globalization and productivity in the United States and Germany

This paper investigates the impact of globalization on productivity growth and the procyclicality of productivity growth in manufacturing industries in the United States and Germany. For U.S. industries, the analysis suggests that changes in international demand affect productivity growth differently from changes in exposure to international competition. An increase in foreign demand for U.S. exports raises trend productivity growth, but to a lesser degree than does a similar demand shock from domestic buyers. On the other hand, whereas an increase in U.S. imports reduces trend productivity ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 595

Conference Paper
A new interpretation of the coordination problem and its empirical significance


Conference Paper
Solutions for developed economies

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Working Paper
Pricing to market in international trade: evidence from panel data on automobiles and total merchandise

This paper focuses on price discrimination in international trade that is associated with movements in exchange rates. This phenomenon is referred to as "pricing to market." We find strong evidence of pricing to market for Japanese exports of automobiles. We find moderate evidence of such behavior for German auto exports, and very little pricing to market for U.S. auto exports. We conjecture that these sharp differences in export pricing behavior may be due to differences in the extent of overseas production by firms based in these countries. Pricing to market may be more important to firms ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 389

Journal Article
The European currency crisis

FRBSF Economic Letter

Journal Article
The German monetary unification (Gmu): converting marks to d-marks

Review , Issue Jul , Pages 17-36



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