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Conference Paper
The term structure of interest rates in the FRB-MIT-PENN model: reality or illusion?

Proceedings , Issue 1 , Pages 67-96

Conference Paper
The pricing effect of certification on bank loans: evidence from the syndicated credit market

Proceedings , Paper 864

Conference Paper
The originate-to-distribute model and refi waves

Proceedings , Paper 1127

Conference Paper
Alternative methods of corporate control in commercial banks

Proceedings , Paper 45

Conference Paper
Commerce, culture and diversity: some Friedmanesque themes in trade and the arts

Proceedings , Issue Oct , Pages 123-136

Conference Paper
Measuring trends in leisure

In this paper, we use five decades of time-use surveys to document trends in the allocation of time. We find that a dramatic increase in leisure time lies behind the relatively stable number of market hours worked (per working-age adult) between 1965 and 2003. Specifically, we show that leisure for men increased by 6-8 hours per week (driven by a decline in market work hours) and for women by 4-8 hours per week (driven by a decline in home production work hours). This increase in leisure corresponds to roughly an additional 5 to 10 weeks of vacation per year, assuming a 40-hour work week. ...

Conference Paper
The effects of bank mergers and acquisitions on small business lending

Proceedings , Paper 549

Conference Paper
The excess sensitivity of long-term interest rates: evidence and implications for macroeconomic models

This paper demonstrates that long-term forward interest rates in the U.S. often react considerably to surprises in macroeconomic data releases and monetary policy announcements. This behavior is in contrast to the prediction of many macroeconomic models, in which the long-run properties of the economy are assumed to be time-invariant and perfectly known by all economic agents: Under those assumptions, the shocks we consider would have only transitory effects on short-term interest rates, and hence would not generate large responses in forward rates. Our empirical findings suggest that private ...
Proceedings , Issue Mar

Conference Paper
A theory of optimal forbearance

Proceedings , Paper 422

Conference Paper
Derivatives: are we better off as a result of the growth in this industry?

Proceedings , Paper 437



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